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Gathr FAQ

How does this work?

You purchase a certificate from Gathr which will be sent digitally to you within 48 hours of purchase. The certificate you receive will have instructions and a code to register with the American Express Privileges team. You have 90 days to register your certificate, and then up to 12 months to book your location and travel.  

Where do I buy my certificate?

There is only one place to get this deal, Gathr

What is Gathr Travel and why are they connected with AmEx Privileges Travel?

Gathr Travel is an EXCLUSIVE partner working alongside American Express and partner resorts to bring people five star travel experiences for less.  Gathr Travel is given a limited number of experiences each year to offer at unbeatable prices for travelers to visit the luxurious resorts and ultimately earn customers trust and loyalty for years to come. 

How does the Gathr Travel community work?

In the future, membership in the Gathr Travel Community will be open to subscribers only. In the coming year, and in the future, we will only offer our discounts to our closed group of members. The good news for YOU is that membership is free upon securing your first voucher AND you will have free life-time access to this group. Membership benefits allow you to purchase one package per year to Mexico and access our other partnerships as they become available. 

How do I book once I purchase a certificate?

After purchasing from Gathr Travel simply follow the instructions on the voucher to register the certificate. You must do this within the first 90 days. When you are ready to book, call the phone number provided on the voucher and make a reservation for your desired travel dates. Reservations are subject to availability and early booking is encouraged.

I’ve never heard of American Express Privileges Travel. Is it legitimate?

Yes! Check out their website here:

You can also visit the American Express Privileges Travel social media accounts here:

Do I have to listen to some timeshare presentation or attend anything when I arrive at the resort?

No No No – there is no type of presentation or sales pitch in any way, shape or form. There are no obligations at all. 

How many certificates can I buy?

Each adult in the U.S. and Canada are allowed one certificate in a 12 month period.  Two adults in the same family can purchase their own certificates as long as it is under their name, their own credit card, and their own unique address.  

Are these resorts all-inclusive?

No, the resorts are five-star destinations so there are dozens of bars and restaurants to choose from at each location.  Food is very reasonably priced at the resorts – $7-$10 for lunch and $12-$25 for dinners. Please research the dining options and pricing at your desired location before arrival. 

Are there blackout dates? 

There are no specific blackout dates, as long as there is capacity at the hotel you can use the certificate.  

What else do I have to pay for?

Taxes + Resort Fees 

This offer includes accommodations only and does not include taxes or resort fees.  Resort fees range between $10 – $75 per day depending on which resort destination and hotel is selected.  Taxes are charged by the property and adhere to local and national tax law.  Typically taxes are between $100 – $200 depending on what room and the total value of the stay based on your selections. You can upgrade your room and the taxes will be charged based on the retail value of the room you select.

Am I required to sign up for am American Express credit card to activate or use this deal?

While the folks at American Express are hopeful that you’ll have an outstanding customer service experience with them, and consider them in the future, there is no obligation to sign up for an AmEx credit card to utilize this deal. 

How many people can travel on 1 certificate?

These certificates cover a standard room in each resort hotel. These rooms can typically accommodate up to 4 people = 2 adults + 2 kids. The rooms vary between 2 queen beds, or 1 king bed with a pull-out sofa.

How do I upgrade to a room that fits a larger family?

Once you determine which destinations and which resort hotel you will be visiting, your AmEx Travel Specialist will help you look at upgrade options to secure a family-friendly suite. You are responsible for the upgrade fees for this adjustment. You can also consider having 2 adults purchase 2 certificates then work with your Travel Specialist to arrange rooms nearby to one another. This option is purely based on availability at each resort. 

What about the pandemic? Is this refundable?

Because the booking window is so wide, there are no refunds on this special deal. The only concessions that can be made are in the event that borders are closed and travel is halted as a result of law. Remember, once you purchase the certificate you have 90 days to activate it, and one year to complete your travel. 

Do I need a passport to travel to these resorts?

This deal is for citizens of the United States and Canada, only. Residents of these 2 countries must carry a valid passport when traveling to Mexico. This law applies to travelers of all ages. 

Does this deal include airfare or airport transfers?

This deal is for lodging only. Luckily, there are many great deals available on airfare. You can arrange a taxi or car service to get you from the airport to the resort hotels.

If I’m unable to use my certificate within the dates allowed, is it transferable?
You can register the certificate to whomever you like within the first 90 days.  Once the certificate is registered to a specific person it is no longer transferrable and that person must book the travel within the allotted 12 month period after registration.   


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